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  • EyeLove Eye Clinic
  • Why EyeLove Eye Clinic?
  • Eye Love Eye Clinic is the clinic that first introduced eyesight andpresbyopia correction surgeryto Korea.
    We provide the best treatments to our patients, based on great and variedexperience and expertise.
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  • We request that you visit our clinic after first making an appointment online or by phone.
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  • Kakao Talk consultation system

    You can receive answers to your inquiries quicker by using the Kakao Messenger service.
    Consultation hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (GMT +9)
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  • Key TreatmentAreas
  • LASIK surgery
    LASIK surgery involves creation of a cap-like corneal section and using an irradiating laser only on the corneal stroma (inner aspect of the cornea) before putting the corneal section back on.
    Since the area affected by thelaser is not exposed and no damage is caused to the corneal epithelium, no pain is experienced and restoration of eyesight will be quick.
  • LASEK surgery
    LASEKsurgery is a procedure for correcting eyesight by use of an irradiating laser after peeling off the corneal epithelium.
    Following laser irradiation, patients wear contact lensesto forhealing purposes, and this is helpful for alleviating pain and regenerating of epithelium.It is a surgical procedure with numerous advantages including sufficient residual corneal thickness, ability to withstand impact, and reducedxerophthalmia.
  • Presbyopia and cataract surgery
    Unlike general cataract surgery, this is a premium cataract surgical procedure that can achieve eyesight correction as well as insert a specially manufactured premium artificial lens.
  • Cutting Edge Equipment
  • Best equipment for safe, fast, and accurate surgery.
  • Treatment Hours
  • Please make sure to make an appointment online or by phone before visiting our clinic.
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  • Our hospital is located two minutes' walk from Apgujeong Station Exit 3.
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  • #16 Apgujeong-ro 30-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
    (Lot No. Addr : #610-3 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.)
    Tel. +82-2-514-7557